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There's nothing more we like than hearing from satisfied customers. If you had a enjoyable BBQ experience at LIGHTNIN' JACK'S, please write us a review on Yelp.

Here is what satisfied customers are saying about LIGHTNIN' JACK'S BBQ:
"YUM AND YUM!!!!! one of my favorite places to eat about once a week. EVERYTHING is delicious, i especially like the bbq BEEF ribs! i crave those things."
-Cassandra C. of San Diego, CA

"Great St. Louis style Baby back pork ribs..pick up and go ribs. I got the full rack and it was huge and so worth it. My new favorite BBQ rib place in SD."

-Jack A. of San Diego, CA

"Best pulled pork west of the Mississippi IMHO. The heated BBQ sauce is awesome too. Don't miss the peach cobbler. Skip those other places and eat here before or after movies, ace hardware, & radio shack runs. I worked up an appetite shopping at vons, I had to pick some up on the way home so I did not have to cook dinner!"
-Darrell R. of San Diego, CA
"So my friends are all elites and ive been wondering how they do it. everytime we go out to eat now im always commenting on this and that... and never writing them down. but now im trying to do so. So here goes. 

the whole time we were there, all i kept saying was, wow, this server is freaking awesome. Fast on the cashier, courteous, friendly, and smart. as my friend said... "man-crush" hahah. pretty funny. service was definitely awesome.

We had stopped by there since we needed to grab food fast, we scanned the food court and decided on this place. I didn't know anything about the place and the cashier recommended the beef brisket sandwich. It was delicious. Super tender soft flavorful beef sandwich. all for $5. Hell of a deal. I can't comment on anything else, but if I ever want a cheap fast delicious bbq, im definitely going there.

oh yea, i saw an ad for 10% off with a movie stub, so it sounds pretty good to grab a bite then watch a movie!"
-Charlton Y.  of San Diego, CA
"This is my favorite place in San Diego to get delicious BBQ. You can smell it while you're parking your car, it's like the bbq is flirting with you. WHORE!

Anyways, I love this place. I like it better than Phil's because the sauce is on the sweeter side, I like that. Also, they dont completely drench everything in sauce, I also like that. 

The seating area is fairly small, but you never really have to wait for a table. They also have some tables set up outside with heat lamps if that's your thing. Pretty chill set up. They have extra "pumps" set up if you want more sauce and stuff.

Best thing on the menu: BBQ rib tips, they are seriously to die for. They have the super yummy char on the outside and moist on the inside. I'm kinda getting hot and bothered just thinking about it. Yum!"
-Chrissy N. of San Diego, CA
The verdict is in folks, San Diego locals and visitors love LIGHTNIN' JACK'S BBQ!
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